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Salvador Dali

Dali was born on May 11, 1904. in Figueres, Spain. During his youth, Dali had always been practicing art so that later on, he could go on a study at an academy in Madrid. His works of art were always very sophisticated and his parents thought his art talent was incredible so they sent him to an art school. Unfortuanely, he didn't concentrate in class and would often daydream in class. His clothing style was also very questionable; from the long hair to odd clothing. Then in 1922, he enrolled in the academy in Madrid. There, he learned lots about different art styles and created a lot of pieces that were about his dreams he had in art school. He died in 1989.

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art that includes unconscious thoughtsand dreams.

By Nia Lee

This painting of Elephants show surrealism because usually elepants don't have legs as long as the sky

The Elephants

The Elephants

Swans reflecting elephants

This swam relecting elephants piece represents surrealism because when you look at your reflection in the water, mirror, etc, you see yourself. But instead of seeing swans, you see elepants.

Meditative Rose

The meditative rose is an example of surrealism because 1) roses don't float in the sky and 2) real life roses are not that big.

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