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Andre Breton (1896-1966), nicknamed "the Pope of Surrealism", is credited with being the movement's founder. He wrote "The Surrealist Manifesto."

- Began in the 1920s- Attracted many members of the Dada community- Writers and artists expressed dreams and desires - Translates to "super realism"- Influenced by Sigmund Freud- Not well received by critics and audiences.

Breton wanted to change the way people thought by changing the way they percieve reality. His intent was to free mankind from the shackles of logic and reason.


The Facts

The Major Players

Other Surrealist Works of Art

"Viva la Vida" By Frida Kahlo

- Has influenced painting, films, writing, sculpting and music.- Surrealism has had a larger influence on contermporary literature, art, film and poetry than on contemporary theatre. - Known for the absurd combinations of subject matter.

Guillaume Appolinaire (1880-1918) was one of the founders of surrealism. He is credited with bringing surrealism to the theatre.

Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) beleived that the inner truth of the subconscious was more "real" than anything external. He created the Theatre of the Absurd.

Apollinaire's only surrealist play, The Breast of Tiresias utilizes dream-like sequences and comc word play.

Artaud's plays Upset Stomach and The Mad Mother are among the best known surrealist plays.

"Surrealist Piano" and "The Persistence of Memory" By Salvador Dali

French Film Un Chien Andalou


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