[2014] Brayden Phillips: Suriname

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[2014] Brayden Phillips: Suriname


This is Suriname's flag. The two outer green stripes represent hope and prosperity, the two white stripes stand for peace and justice, the red stripe stands for progress and love, and the star stands for all ethnic unity. The flag was officially adopted as their current flag on November 25,1975.

The typical Surinamian meal might consist of dhal (a lintel stew) and af peices of roti, or grilled flatbread.

The Surinamians are believed to be the descendants of the Amerindian origin. Then in 1667 it became a Dutch colony. Then the U.S. took it from 1799 to 1816. Then the Dutch took it back again until November 25, 1975, Suriname's independece day. Suriname had abolished slavery long before then in 1863. It was not until February 25, 1980, that Suriname had its first war. It was led by Désiré Bouterse and was about which type of government Suriname should have. Bouterse won and changed the government from a parliamentary republic to a Socialist republic.

The main religions of Suriname are Chrisianity, Hinduism, and Islam. Forty-eight point four are Christian, twenty-two point three are Hindu, and thirteen point nine are Islam. Christianity is impacting Suriname in many ways. There are many churches that are growing not only in prosparity but in members and they are bringing more and more people to Christ every day.

This is the traditional dance of Javanese, which is very popular in Suriname

Many artists of Suriname focus on abstract work, such as the painting "Exhibit Sanfica" by Marcel Pinas

Then, in 1986, Suriname was struck with war again. And again it was aimed towards the government. But this time it was a guerrilla movement lead by Ronny Brunswijk. The group called itself the Surinamese Liberation Army (SLA). It struck many economic targets causing the government to kill anyone operating or talking about operating with the SLA. Then they held a vote for democracy as the SLA wanted in 1987, and it won by a land slide of 80% vote. But then Suriname was faced with another antigovernment group called the New Front (NF) in 1992. It won elections and stayed for all the group members five year terms no matter what anyone wanted or thought. But after all the NF members resigned there has been little to no conflict in Suriname.

Some Physical features of Suriname are: the Guiana Highlands which are 1200 miles high, another is the Suriname river which is about 30 miles long and runs through all of Suriname, yet another is Mount Ebbatop, which is only about half a mile tall, Suriname is mostly tropical rainforests, and finally about 20% of Suriname is covered by swamp forest area.

Suriname's economy is strongly dominated by the mining industry and about 85% of the economny relies on it. Unfortunatly that means that the economy stongly depends on the price of minerals. Currently Suriname has a parliamentary representative democratic republic.

Three of Suriname's top exports are:alumina, crude oil, and lumber


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