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Surfing first came from the ancient Hawaiian tradition of "he'e nalu", meaning "wave-sliding". In the Hawaiian culture, the sea had an attached personality, which could reflect emotions. A good day of surfing required the proper waves, and in order to convince the sea to provide these waves, Ancient Hawaiians relied on Kahunas (priests) to pray for good surf. Kahunas would do ritual chants and dances, with the intention of pleasing the sea to provide the people with surfable waves.

The Board:DeckThe Deck is the top side of the surfboard and is where the surfer stands to surf and lays to paddle. The top surface is covered with wax for grip. Surfers will use deck grip for even extra traction. If you look at the deck of a surfboard you will usually see a slight camber from the rail to the middle then back to the rail. NoseThe nose of the surboard always sits out of the water. On shortboards, fish and guns the nose is usualy pointed and on funboards and longboards the Nose is usually rounded.TailThe tail is at the back of the board. There are quite a few different tail shapes with each shape providing different board performance.RailsThe rails are the 'edge' of the surfboard and run from the tail to the nose and are where the deck and the bottom meet. Like the tail shapes, different rail rail shapes provide different surfboard performance.StringerThe Stringer is a strip of strengthening material (typically wood) that runs the whole length of a foam surfboard. It is already present in the surfboard blank before it is shaped.

Surfers have pages and pages and pages of thier own lingo and their own words. Enough to write their own "Bro-tionary". Here's just some exaples of these:360 A surfing move where the surfer and board spin 360 degrees on the face of the wave.ACCESSORY MAN Person who gets every piece of surf gear imaginable - rash guard, booties, helmet, gloves ect.ACID DROP When you take off on a wave and suddenly have the bottom fall out as you free fall down the face.AKAW!! Something surfers shout when they spot a huge perfect wave, or when they are shocked or surprised.ALLRIGHT DUDE Radical wave man....lingo for doped up water head logged surfer.ANKLE SNAPPER Tiny waves...not worth riding. Also known as Ankle Breaker(East Coast).AXED Hit by the lip of the wave leading to a wipeout.BROA buddy or friend.BRODAD Someone you dont really care for.BRODY Another name for bro or dude.BROHAH Dude or guyBROSEF Another term for "bro" .. or "brah" in hawaiian slang.BROSKIE Bro or broham, a friend. (see BRAH)BRUDDA Good Friend, bro. CARVESymmetrical, fluid turns.CARVINGPowerful high energy surfing. A move in which a surfer moves up and down the face of a wave. Also known as Rippin.CAUGHT IN A FISH NET When a surfer is just havin a bad day and can't seem to stay on the surf.CAUGHT INSIDE When a surfer gets caught on the shore side of a breaking wave making it difficult to get out, results in getting tossed around and lots of paddling.CAVE Barrel, tube etcCAVEFISH Pale surfer.CHAAA Another way of saying ahh.. an expression.and many many many many many more :

Surfers are just people who want to have thrills in their life and spend their lives looking for the perfect wave and the perfect wave. It's something that you really can't understand untill you've tried it yourself and experianced the feelings and the rush that you get from it.


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