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historypresence of surfing for more than 500 years ago on the islands of Polynesia. The English explorer James Cook reached the Hawaiian Islands in 1778. Upon contact, indigenous cultures were suppressed and surfing went on to lose audience. In the twentieth century the surf was recovered and the influx of tourists and US military in Hawaii and the reputation of the Olympic Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku, surfing started to become popular on the coasts of California and Australia, creating the germ of a subculture in environments in which they practiced then spreading to other countries. This happened in the 50 / 60. Then the tables were large objects solid wood and surfing was a simple practice. Later it was becoming more difficult and more cool. and here the history of surfing


the diferencies 500 al 2015the material you have to use is the differences are many, for example:Before wooden tables and weighing much utilizavanNow used colored airmay be conventional Conventional refers to the traditional design table, pointed and with concave edges, these tables are all life have been on beaches and movies.Unconventional. Increasingly we find on the beaches new designs intended to evolve these traditional designs such as parabolic Tables,- Well now there are judges who value- That if so much as now and before surfing has always been used for distractionery simple have to use:-A table- A bathing suit or dress- And water (but water to be wave)

this is a video for surfing is very interesting

the rules :Respect preference.Contact others.No bother at peak.You have to be patient.Watch your table, it's your responsibility.Education is always ahead.Use common sense.If anyone needs help.Respect the beach!


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