Surface Area and Volume of Prisms

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Surface Area and Volume of Prisms

PrismsIf every side of a prism is a geometric shape, we can find the area of each of these and add them together to get the surface area!

Surface Area and Volume of Prisms

Build your own prism and count the unit blocks on each side to find the surface area!

Play with triangular prism and calculate the surface area and volume! Switch to compute mode to test yourself! You can even work with a rectangular prism if you want!

When you feel comfortable, click on the lightbulb to answer a poll.

What is the surface area and volume of a rectangular prism with height 5 inches, length 7.5 inches, and depth 3 inches? Click on your answer to see if you are correct!

Surface Area:62 in. squaredVolume:112.5 in. cubed

Surface Area:150 in. squaredVolume:120 in. cubed

Surface Area:150 in. squaredVolume:112.5 in. cubed

Still strugglingwith the triangular prism? Watch this problem being worked out!


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