Supreme Court Nominations

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Supreme Court Nominations

Jackson Turnbull

Three factors a president must consider before selecting a nominee for the Supreme Court.

Factor # 1: Ideology of the nomineeThe president is going to want to appoint someone who has the same or close to the same ideas that he does. This is because every vote matters and he is going to want as many people on his side of issues as possible because there is already an entire party that opposes him. He will never know when that one vote could make or break a big decision on an issue he wants something passed on.

Factor # 2: President's own popularityThe president has to take into account his own popularity of the public when selecting a nominee because if his approval is low or evenly split, appointing someone with strong views that conflict with the public's views could result in his approval going even more down and hurt him and his party in upcoming politcal elections possibly costing him his job.

Factor # 3: Qualifications The president must look at the qualifications of a nominee to make sure he is appointing the right man or woman for the job. In the past few decades, they have pretty much all been federal judges but he also needs to make sure that the nominees have a good background in terms of the knowledge of law and the justice system, as well as popularity with the public or someone who does not have a questionable past.


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