Supporting Diverse Learners

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Supporting Diverse Learners

Putting it all together......

10 principles of Effective Instruction1. Active Engagement2. Providing the experience of success3. Content coverage & opportunity to learn4. Grouping for instruction5. Scaffolded instruction6. Addressing forms of knowledge7. Organizing and activating knowledge8. Teaching Strategically9. Making instruction explicit10. Teaching sameness

1. Attention2. Power3. Revenge4. Inadequacy

Supporting Diverse Learners...

One size fits all...???

"I can't vs. he won't...."

"Poker chips" is a video excerpt from one of Rick Lavoie's workshops regarding building self-esteem in learning disabled students, fairness and the importance of advocacy for these students.

Creating rubrics for student assessment...

Goals of Student Misbehavior


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