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A supernova can happen in different ways; one with a massive singular star or one with two stars orbiting the same point, both resulting in an explosion or the supernova.


Type 1A binary star system is when two stars are orbiting the same point, how does this relate to supernovas? Well one of the stars might start taking the matter from the other star but when the star takes too much matter, it will get unstable then explode resuting in a supernova. You can see this happening in the picture below.

Type 2For the sencond way for the supernova to happen it will need only one but massive star. This star will over time run out of nucluar fuel and when that happens most of the mass on the outside of the star will move to the core, but once the core gets to heavy it will not withstand its own force. So the core will collapse resulting again in a supernova.

A nuetron star is the core of the supernova that remains after the explosion. Neutron stars are the densest and smallest stars; e.g. 12-13 km diameter with the mass of 2 suns. You can see it in the middle exploding star of the clip above.Fun Facts!• All of the amazing colours after the explosion are actually from the different elements of the dead star dust burning at very hot temperatures.• One single supernova can outshine the whole galxay.• Every second somewhere in the universe a supernova happens, which means somewhere out there a supernova is lighting up a galaxy.I HOPE YOU LIKED MY PRESENTATION


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