[2015] Jarek Markley: Superman

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[2015] Jarek Markley: Superman

Establishing the world upon which Superman exists is one challenge. However, performing the duty of playing Superman, is just as momentous. Over the course of nearly 70 years the myth of Superman has gone up and down. It has expanded so much and it is only possible due to these seven Superman stars. Starting from left to right: Kirk Alyn - The first of the Superman movie actors. He appeared in the very first live-action series of Superman. In addition to this career changing position he made a name for himself in the following movie Atom Man vs. SupermanGeorge Reeves - Hands down, one of the most notable actors who ever played Superman. It was his defining role in the first televsion series which lead to countless generations, espeically children, understanding who Superman was.Christopher Reeve - The thrird Superman in line. Quite some time after the tradegy that nearly ended the Man of Steel Reeve brought forth such hard determination and dedication towards the roll of Superman . Because of this the Superman franchise found strength after rolling out some of the greatest movies of the 70's.Dean Cain - As the curse of Superman became more apparent Dean Cain took on the role of Superman as we came towards the millenium. Playing Clark Kent and Superman in the 90's TV series, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.Brandon Routh - Portraying the fifth Superman, Routh found his roots as Superman in the movie Superman Returns by DC Entertainment. As an alternative spin on the hero, we find him returning to earth after a hiatus only to rejoin the fight against his arch nemesis Lex Luthor.Tom Welling - Given the right elements, Tom Welling takes on Superman from the Superman's beginnings. The televsion show , Smallville, which ran for 10 seasons helped audiences and fans alike get a better look into how Superman grew to become the hero he is.Henry Cavil - The latest Superman comes to the big screen, 70 years later, in the Man of Steel. From a new perspective and updated technology, the movie gives us a different origin story, one that hopes to reboot the character that has been established for over 10 motion pictures.

By: Jarek Markley

Initially conceived by Jerry Siegel and joe Shuster, Super-man was considered an evil maniac who used his telekinetic powers to wreck havoc. However further down the road there was no progress with this base and so it Superman was turned into a symbol for good and whos' powers were more physical. Representative of those existing in mythology and the strongmen of the time.

After pursuing Superman Siegel and Shuster found work in small periodical comics. Eventually they turned their sights on the now expanding comic strips. Finally, after some time, Superman landed his own comic book.Initially the first issue had an enormous color cover 68 pages. This was a rather large anthology. This first comic book solid over a million copies and became a reknowned success. The lore and myth of Superman was coming into shape.

From such unprecedented beginnings, came parade floats, action figures, and then even a Superman of America club. Finally came the animated series, which broke ground in the Superman character. By animating the now famous hero audiences and fans were able to see his epics in color and in a motion story. As Superman began to develop as a hero on screen his entire focus and character shifted.

In 1978 Richard Donner brought to life the story of Superman on the big screen as a movie production. With this resurrection more Superman products and information was brought to life.The film was filmed across a ton of locations to better emphasize the three main locations of Superman’s existence: Krypton, Smallville, and Metropolis. How each places were filmed and their scripting helped really establish a better sense of his background. On Krypton we see their culture as highly advanced and seemingly more sophisticated although completely naïve. Then to where he was raised and given his personality and mannerism. And lastly to Metropolis, where he has fully became an adult and has taken on his responsibilities as Clark Kent and Superman. And because it was such a hit it was followed by more movies, although not all of them were as successful as the first two.

Following the animated success, George Reeves put out a TV series around Superman. The series was mainly target towards children, from this decision, it was a hit thus building a greater following in a different generation. From this younger group sprung movie producers, actors, and many other famous individuals who have found this as a stepping stone into their own creative thinking. For five years the series continued to pave episodes and through commercials and controversy children around the world craved the adventures and the ideal of Superman.

As a Saturday cartoon, the new animated series brought the older animated series a more futuristic update. Although there wasn’t much depth to the actual story and myth of Superman, the action and the creative animation helped bring this series success.

Smallville, was one of the latest installments of the Superman saga, mainly TV series. As early renditions of Superman’s up bringing were slim and not fitted with much plot Smallville gives fans and viewers into his character as a young boy, coming through his teenage years, and really learning about reality as he tries to cope with his background and newly developing super powers.


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