Super Tornado Outbreak

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Super Tornado Outbreak

Super Tornado Outbreak

1974, across 13 states

zoe blacha, 9C

How to Prepare for a Tornado:1) Know your warning sings.-sudden storms, with strong wind-dark, purplish skies-flashes in the distance (power poles snapping)2) Shut off utilities-turn off your water lines to prevent further damage-turn off gas, etc. to prevent explosions3) Close blinds/curtains-to prevent flying glass, resulting in cuts/mess4) Secure a water/food supply & all important documents-for any instance where you are trapped-documents can be useful if you are hurt-save the trouble of losing and important paperwork5) Secure a hiding/safe place-somewhere that is low-somewhere that nothing will fall on you-somewhere very stable and well built

April 3rd & 4th, 1974, were hard times for most of the Eastern United States. In just 18 hours, more than 150 tornadoes ripped through a series of 13 states. The majority of the twisters were f1 and f2, with around 30 f4 and f5, which the f4's and 5's all occured on the 3rd. It was the worst outbreak in a 24 hour period, causing over one billion dollars in damage! The twisters caused over 330 deaths, and hundreds more injuries. The total path combined of all recorded twisters was over 2,500 miles long. It was the second-worst outbreak ever in a U.S History, after an outbreak that occured in 2011.

Alabama, GeorgiaIllinois, Kentucky,Michigan, Mississippi,N. Carolina, S. CarolinaIndiana, Tennessee, Virginia, W. Virginia,Ohio

During and After a tornado, there are very important,crucial steps you can take. NEVER try to outrun a tornado.Always tend to injuries first, If you're in a building, stayaway from windows and things that could fall on you, make sure the storm is completely done before leaving where youare safe, and most importantly, stay calm.

A tornado happens when acold wind and a hot windintercept, and it starts tospin and get windy, until it is strong enough to create a funnel cloudthat can potentially rip apart buildings and can cause catastrophicdamage


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