Super Bowl 2014

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Super Bowl 2014

Hotel, Tickets, & Merch~ Week before the game hotel prices were listed at $400 a night with a total of $1,380 for 3 nights~ At Hilton Meadowlands, which is less than a mile from the stadium, was going for $386 a night ~ Average ticket price was $3,480Cheapest tickets cost $1,816The most expensive were $449,645~ Merchandise was more than $200 million leading to the game

Sponsors~ With the 22 sponsors they were able to raise $50 million~ Some sponsors: Pepsi, New York Times, & Verizon

Audience & Jobs~ 111.5 million watched and attended~ 82,529 attended the game ~ About 10,000 temporary paid staffers (including security workers, vendors, and limo drivers)

Fun Facts

~ Super Bowl attracted 500,000 visitors and pumped $600 million into local economy~ Made $2 billion in advertisement sales~ New Jersey spent $250 million on transportation~ 30 sec commercial = $4 mill

Super Bowl 2014


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