Sunshield Coated Roofing

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Sunshield Coated Roofing

Sunshield Coated Roofing

Problem:We wanted to reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed to cool buildings in hot, arid areas.We picked this idea because we felt it was the most helpful for the largest group of people.

How to Solve:We would cover the roof of buildings with the sunshield coating to reduce the need for cooling technologies.

Experiment:We would create a small scale model of buildings in the desert and cover different sized sections of the roofs with propotional amounts of coating, and see which design is most efficient.

Brainstorm:-Make cars, planes, and other vehicles more insulated with the sunshield coating-Bullet proof vests and helmets that wouldn't give off a heat signature, by using the sunshield coating-Use infrared detectors to help alert soldiers of possible enemies in the area

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope uses the sunshield coating to restrict the sun from entering the cold section of the Observatory.

Criteria and Constraints:The sunshield coating would have to be affordable enough for people to have it installed and regain their costs by the reduced cooling costs. This would be most effectively used in desert climates.


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