Sunrise Over Fallujah

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Sunrise Over Fallujah

Sunrise Over Fallujah

The author of the awesome book, Sunrise Over Fallujah is Walter Dean Myers. This action-packed book takes place just after 9/11. The main character, Robin 'Birdy" Perry who is from Harlem has joined the U.S. military and is now in Iraq. He is in a Civil Affairs unit that goes behind the fighting to help the people of Iraq.

The Facts on Main People:Birdy-a young man who learns many lessons while going through Iraq.Marla-gives Robin his nickname, likes action and is usually on the gunJonesy-fun-loving African-American who loves blues Capt. Coles-leader of the unit, likes getting down to businessCapt. Miller-silent, smart, dotor does not like war

Iraq-not a friendly place during war time, terrorists, bombs, resistance; a constant struggle for U.S. soldiers

In the military, there are different units for different assignments. In each unit are several soldiers.The other soldiers in Birdy's unit are Marla, Captain Coles, Jonesy, and Captain Miller.

Upon ariving in Iraq, Perry realizes it is nothing like what he had imagined it. His uncle had fought in Vietnam and had shared few stories with him. This had bothered him, but in the end, he knew why his uncle had not wanted to talk about war. Later, he and his unit were ambushed but luckily won. Throuought Iraq, many thinks happen to bird's unit. Some good, like victories, and some bad, like the death of a fellow soldier. He learns that war is not fun, and it is not like what he imagined. After enduring many hardships together, the unit Perry is in is broken up, and they are sent to different places to be re-assigned.


June 17, 2003

Feb 27, 2003

Birdy arrives in Iraq

Birdy goes to Germany

Interview with Walter Dean MyersQ: How do you feel your own personal experience having served in the military impacts your ability to write about it?WDM: What I saw in my military experience was that all wars are an attempt to control the chaos of the battlefield. It is neither as precise as our media tries to show it, nor as clear. Basically it is not about arrows on a computer screen or “smart” weaponry. It is about exacting an intolerable cost on someone labeled “enemy” through killing human beings, pure and simple. This is what I have seen, and what I hoped to bring to the writing of Sunrise Over Fallujah.Q: Sunrise Over Fallujah is your second young adult novel about war. Why did you decide to revisit this subject? WDM: One of the lessons learned during the Vietnam War was that the depiction of wounded soldiers, of coffins stacked higher than their living guards, had a negative effect on the viewing public. The military in Iraq specifically banned the photographing of wounded soldiers and coffins, thus sanitizing this terrible and bloody conflict. I wanted to bring the war back into the American consciousness, not in a political sense, but in the very difficult physical sense. I wanted young people who would be fighting this war, and who would, in the future, be making the hard decisions about our country engaging in wars, to be conscious of what war is really about.


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