Sunrise Over Fallujah

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Sunrise Over Fallujah

Sunrise Over Fallujahby: Karson Gieseke


In February of 2003, U.S. Army troops beghan to move into Iraq. This book tells the story from "Robin"s (a soldier who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom) perspective of the war. Robin tells of his experiences in the war, and the time leading up to it. He faces struggles such as IEDs, terrorists, fatigue, and the loss of fellow friends and soldiers as they move forward through Iraq. The plan was to go into Iraq, capture Fallujah quickly, and get out.

1. Robin/"Birdy" - A teenager from New York City who joined the Army very nervous about it because he thinks that he's not good enough to be in the army. Thinks if he joins he can prove himself to be a " man".2.Uncle Ritchie - Robins uncle, he is the person that Robin writes to and tells of his war experiences. He has been in the vietnam war and birdy feels that he can relate to him.3. Jonesy - Birdies friend. He's pretty self confident, and has a wide vocabulary. "He puts the arm in army". He is also black. He thinks that life is about the blues because the blues are a much simpler way of life.4. Marla - Marla is a head strong women who demands respect from everyone around her. Birdy at first has a hard time getting along with her but they later realize that they care about each other.5. Captain Coles - Coles is one of the captains of the army. He gives the troops their missions and journeys. Coles doesn't normally care about the people, he cares about getting the job done.

There isn't too much action or turning points in the book. The Army, and Robin, are mainly going through daily activites on base such as writing and recieving letters, playing cards, or whatever to keep their minds occupied. Each time they revcieve their next orders, like searching a part of the city for bombs , IEDs, infantry, etc., they carry them out, sometimes capturing terrorists and also losing a few soldiers or some getting injured on the way, but most of the blood is spilled towards the end in an attack on the U.S. forces. This is also the attack when Jonesy unfortunetly dies, Robin's leg is injured, and he is awarded the purple heart. The majority of the soldiers are reassigned to the 422nd squad, but Robin is sent to Ramstein, Germany to be treated for any wounds before being reassigned to a new squad.

Robin was part of the Civil Affairs Unit, dedicated to winning the hearts and minds of Iraqi civilians following combat operations. They did everything from handing out supplies, to playing soccer with kids, to trying to soothe things over following accidental deaths. They brought a light to the darkness of war and felt good about what they were doing and accomplishing.


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