Sunrise over Fallujah

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Sunrise over Fallujah

Robin's Letter from WarThe use of "Things are going well" and Robin's reference to never mailing the letters actually gives us a lot of insight into him as a person. The first letter we come to in the book where we see this phrase is on page 59 and he is writing to his Uncle Richie. In this letter Robin tells Richie about the horror of seeing someone die and he says, "I know I won't ever be able to talk about it." I believe the purpose of this letter is not to let his uncle know what is going on, but rather to clear his mind and to learn how to cope better with what he has to deal with on a daily basis. He also in this letter comes to understand why his uncle never talked about Vietnam and what he dealt with there. The next instance on page 85 is the phrase "Things are going well." I believe that Robin uses this phrase because he doesn't want to worry his parents about what he is dealing with. Parents are always going to worry about their children, but in this instance Robin shows maturity, tact, and common sense by just letting his parents know that everything is ok. In the letter to Uncle Richie on page 87 and 88 we learn that Robin's Dad is still upset with him joining the army. If you read between the lines with what he is saying he wants his Dad to be proud of him and to accept his decision. This is another reason I believe he writes "things are going well." He tells us at the end of the letter on page 88 that he is glad he didn't die because he didn't want his Dad to say "I told you so." The most interesting part of letters is what he writes in them. In the letters to his parents he is upbeat and positive. He never really talks about what is truly happening where he is, but on the other side of that is the letters to Uncle Richie. In those letters he discusses what he has seen and what he is dealing with. I know one of the biggest reasons for this is because Uncle Richie understands because he has been there and dealt with a lot of the same problems and emotions. Regardless of his reasons for sending or not sending and for keeping things positive, he has dealt with things that most 18 year olds don't face and he is facing this path he has chosen with courage. Like his Mom said in her letter on page 124, "You were always the brave type." Writing the letters, especially those he didn't send is brave, because he is putting his emotions on paper and dealing with them, before they overtake him. His letters are giving him the courage to survive his circumstances.

Sunrise Over Fallujah

Letters from War

Book by Walter Dean MyersGlog By Whitney Goins

In Sunrise Over Fallujah, Robin's use of "Things are going well." in some letters/ email andRobin's reference to never mailing the letters.


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