Sunken Ships

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Sunken Ships

Sunken Ships

Artifacts are object made or modified by humans.Archaeology is the study of past civilizations using artifacts and remains. Excavating is digging up things such as dirt, rocks, and many other objects.

Older ships are the best to find old aritfacts. The aritifacts mostly include jewlery, clothing, silverware, dishes, old suitcases, and old coins!

People thought that sunken ships are in the past, but really it's way more common than it used to be. Ships are sinking, yachts, even shipping containers!

The Titanic was one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. They said that it would never sink, but in April of 1912, it did.

History is important, past events that are written down.

Archhaeologists discover many sunken ships every year.

In order to find a few hidden treasures, you may have to excavate, or dig up the environment around you.


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