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Sundial Project

Backround Reasearch 1) A sundial is a clock that uses the sun to tell time. A gnomon is the part of the sundial that makes the shadow. 2) A sundial works by the sun’s movement. The position of the sun makes the gnomon casts a shadow on the base which lets the person know what time it is. The measurements are taken by the sun shadow on a number on the sundial. The position of the sun makes the shadow on the sundial. 3) To construct a sundial you will need a circular base or something that can make a circle. You’re also going to need a gnomon. The gnomon needs to be able to make a shadow on you base. To be able to tell the time, your going to need to label numbers on the sundial.

Sundial Project

Further Reasearch A) Babylonians and Greeks also used sundials. Their sundials were like the Egyptian’s sundials because all of them used natural forces to tell time. Also Babylonians and Egyptians had more sundials in common because they both used the sun while the Greeks used water… a water clock. The Babylonian and Egyptian sundial was created at around 3500 BC and the Greek clock was made at around 600- 500 BC. They were all one of the earliest forms of telling time. Also, all three of them used them to keep time. Sundials tell the time of day, but water clocks record elapsed time using the rate of how fast rains. Also, water clocks were huge contraptions, meanwhile sundials were about 14 inches. All in all, those are some differences and similarities between sun dials and water clocks.B) Two factors that can cause a sundial measurement to be inaccurate are that the sundial is not pointing north as if it is not the measurement will be on the wrong number of the sundial. The sundial must be pointing North. Another factor may be that the numbers on the sundial are not evenly divided throughout the circle and will not be accurate when read. C) Sundials will differ if constructed in the Northern hemisphere, Southern hemisphere, Equator, North Pole, and South Pole because a sundial at a latitude in one hemisphere must be switched for use at the opposite latitude in the other hemisphere. Sundials are used much less in the Southern Hemisphere than the Northern. This is because from early November to mid-February during the Southern Hemisphere's summer, a sundial loses about half an hour relative to a clock due to the equation of time. This makes it harder to use it as a timepiece. Since sundials are mainly used during the summer, they are better for the Northern Hemisphere.

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