Sun Safety

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Sun Safety

Sun Safety

Don't be dumb, stay safe in the sun!

Seek ShadeThe Sun's UV rays are brightest from 10AM-4PM. Stay in the shade as much as possible!

Just ONE really bad sunburn as an adolescent almost doubles the chance to develop melanoma (deadliest form of skin cancer) later on in life. Protect yourself everyday!

Cover UpCreate shade by wearing wide-brimmed hats, and long pants/shirts!

Get CheckedGo to a dermatologist anually for a skin exam. If you see a suspicious mole, schedule an appointment ASAP.

Wear sunglassesWear sunglasses that block 99% of the suns rays. Protect your eyes, and look stylish doing it!

Use SunscreenUV rays can cause damage all year round. Wear SPF 15 sunscreen everyday, and reapply every 2 hours after swimming/sweating.

Say NO To Tanning BedsIndoor tanning poses an equal or even greater threat of causing skin cancer than UV rays.


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