Summertime Rejuvenation

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Summertime Rejuvenation

Summer is when I look and plan for the fall. Falll is when you plant bulbs. Click on the red tulip to find naturalizing bulbs.

Summertime is a time of rejuvenation

I teach technology and I have to say that my iPhone is my favorite invention. What is your favorite app?Click on the constellation on my iPhone to find my astrological sign. My constellation has Castor and Pollux, twin mythological brothers of Helen of Troy. Can you guess my sign?

Click on the screen to take a Solar System Quiz

Summertime is a time for me to reflect on my lessons and improve them. I like to find new web sites to support learning. Click on the igneous rock above and hear where it comesfrom and why it floats! Click on Volcano 101

My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas

In the summer we visit our daughters who live in Boston. My husband is thrilled that our daughter Caroliine works at Jerry Remy's. He is a baseball fanatic. He loves the game and some of his heroes growing up were sports heroes.Click on the baseball to learn about one of them.

Here is a Kid Pix Drawing from one of my students, reminds me of my neglected New Years Resolution to get more exercise. Summertime is a time to walk and get into shape for the fall. Click on yellow skyscraper and start walking to the beat.

by Mrs. Barnaby

New Garden Beds at CES

New Window Boxes at home

Trips to the Museum of Science are fun in the summer.


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