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Tech. Boot Camp

Animoto is very useful to make a slideshow become an animation This is very useful for making introductions, youtube videos, and other things to make a video look more professional. Teacher's can set up free edu. accounts for their students. We created this video in Animoto.

A website that a lot of people know is Youtube. There a lot of funny entertainment videos, but there are also a lot of educational videos, like how to's on computers and softwares. Videos with information are at your disposal!

Wordle is a website you can use to create word clouds. You can paste stories you've written, and the more you type the same word, it gets bigger. Students can use this to make their book reports or even to help edit. (Did you really want to use LIKE so much?)


When you need to work with a friend, instead of going across town you can go on Etherpad. You can set up your own page and you and your friend can chat and share ideas. Etherpad is also useful because if one kid forgets his homework a friend can go to etherpad and ask his friend.

On Glogster you can post page about schools or other. You cancreate different book reports or posters. Now you don't have to run to the store to buy poster board and drag your posters on the bus, just Glogster! Teachers should set up edu accounts for their students.




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