summer science glog 2011

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summer science glog 2011

Ashleigh and I went to the aquarium at the Columbus Zoo. These fish live in a marine ecosystem, which means they live in salt water. Our class will be studying biomes and ecosystems in the winter.

Summer Science Glog

My daughter and I went to the zoo this summer. The Columbus Zoo has twin girl polar bears who are 4-years old. This polar bear lives in a re-created habitat. A habitat is the place where an animal is able to live, grow, and reproduce. The water in this exhibit is 60 degrees Fahrenheit and tries to cool down the polar bears when they get warm. There is also an air conditioned den for the polar bears to cool down. Our class will be studying habitats this fall.

We had a picnic in our backyard. This relates to science because the weather was very nice with low humidity that day. There was a high pressure system that was in the area that lowered the humidity. Our class will learn more about weather in February and March.

By Mrs. Willyerd

I went to the Ross County Fair to watch Erin Howard show her 4-H market lambs. This relates to science because raising a livestock animal is part of the food web. Sun -> corn -> sheep -> humansOur class will be learning more about food webs in October and November.

This is a picture of me feeding my daughter Ashleigh when she was 3 weeks old. The milk is measured in milliliters (mL), which is a part of the metric system. Our class will be studying the metric system early this fall to prepare us for the labs we will be doing this year. Scientists only use the metric system as a type of common language used amongst all scientists.



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