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Summer Reading

If you want to find out more about Gordon Korman, click here to go to his website.

MTMS 2010 Summer Reading

In October MTMS will have the pleasure of hosting a visit with best-selling author Gordon Korman. In order to prepare all students for this unique and rewarding experience, each student is REQUIRED to read at least one of Mr. Korman’s books over the summer. Mr. Korman has written over 65 books, so there are lots of titles to choose from!

Author Gordon Korman to visit MTMS in the fall!

Older Gordon Korman Titles:I Want to Go Home!Who is Bugs PotterNo Coins Please Dont Care High Our Man Weston Son of Interflux A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag Radio Fifth Grade Bugs Potter Live at Nickaninny The Twinkie Squad Losing Joe's Place The Toilet Paper Tigers Why Did the Underwear Cross the Road? Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire The 6th Grade Nickname Game Nose Pickers from Outer Space Planet of the Nose Pickers Touchdown Stage Left Your Mummy Is a Nose Picker Invasion of the Nose Pickers No Girly-Girl Allowed Clue Me In! Maxx Comedy: The Funniest Kid in America Jake, Reinvented Great Gatsby Novel

Mrs. Smith Recommends:For 5th and 6th grades:No More Dead Dogs, The Chicken Dosen't Skate & SwindleFor 7th and 8th grades:Schooled, POP, Son of the Mob & Born to Rock

Series by Gordon Korman:Island * Everest * Dive * On the RunKidnapped

Check out these video trailers for some of Gordon Korman's books.<- ->


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