Summer Reading Project

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Language Arts

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Summer Reading Project

The Five People You Meet In Heaven By: Mitch Albom

The theme of the book in my opinion would have to be, that we all have an effect on eachothers lives, whether its life or death. Some times we may not even know it.

Quotes#2. “Each effects the other, and the other effects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one.”

Eddie Is the main character of the book he is the maintenance man of the Ruby Pearl fair grounds. In the book, it tells his mission of saving a young girl from being crushed by the Roller coaster ride.He then takes us through heaven where he comes to the conflict of meeting 5 people he once knew and or was some how invloved with. On the way he tries to find out if he saved the girl or if she died as well.

Mitch Albom The author Mitch Albom wrote the book: The Five People You Meet In Heaven in 2003. The book was on the New York Times Best Seller for 95 weeks. Mitch albom wrote this book based on his real life uncle Eddie Beitchman. Eddie Beitchman was a Philippines world war two vet. Eddie died at the age of 83 years old.

The Someone In The FireThe someone in the fire is the 5th and final person Eddie meets in heaven. Its the someone he thought was in the fire when he was in war. When Eddie and his men ran away from where they were captured they decided to burn down the peoples town. When Eddie was watching a buring down hut he could swear that there was someone or somthing in the fire and the he must save it. He ran in and would not come out willingly, there for the captain shot him in the leg and drug him out. He never knew if there was someone in there untill now. The girl he meets has burns all over their body. She asks Eddie to please wash her burns off, so he does.

Symbolism Life Or Death

Quotes #1. " Sacrifice is a part of life not sothing to regret somthing to aspire to." - Said by the Captain.



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