El Deafo

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El Deafo

Author: Cece Bell

Title: El Defo

3 Main Events:1.Cece becomes deaf 2.she moves to a new city3.she meets new friends 4.she hurts her eye

Settingsthe book mainly takes place in Roanoke

Main Characters:1.Cece Bell is the main2.Martha friend of Ceces3.Ceces mom

Bookreport by: Harden Smallwood

The Major Theme/s:

Cece had a lot of friends

what i got out of the book was. should not be nice to your friends and treat people you what to be teated. dont make fun of people with problums like they are deaf because it hurts there feelings. when you are playing with your friends talk to them they probly what some copiny.

ever one is bunnies

Cece says "I cant hear" and at that point forth she was death

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i like the book it was good a little bit sad but it was good it was inertaining.


Good Book

would prefer to friends

comic it was like a comic i loves comics

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