Summer of My German Soldier

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Summer of My German Soldier

Summer of My German Soldierby Bette Greene

Central Conflict: Anton and Patty aren't allowed to be together.Mrewrtweqrtan vs. SocietyProtagonist:Anton and PattyAntagonist:Father, soldiers and society

-Wavy auburn hair-Jewish girl-12 years old-stubborn -smart-likes to read-sassy

-German POW-21 years old-brown hair-young man-white teeth-5"10 1/2' & 165 lbs-smart, honest, protective, and kind

Anton Reiker

Patty Bergen

1.425,000 POWs lived in 700 camps throughout the U.S. 2.Camps were mostly located in the South because of space and climate.3.Eventually every state had POW camps.4.There was an average of 20,000 new POWs a month.5.There were 12 main camps in Texas.6.Each camp had an average of 3,000-4,000 people.7.The Nazi gov. warned all German soldiers that the camps were worse than death and they believed it.8.During the day they would work, take care of their needs, and entertained themselves with educational programs.9.They had different classes to take orchestra, theater, newspaper group, and sports teams.10.Some prisoners loved it at the camps and some hated it11.21 ended up escaping.12.POWs could be forced to work as long as they were paid.13.They were afraid to put prisoners to work because they could escape and endanger the Americans.14.Germans from the western area were treated well while the eastern Germans were treated far worse.15. The western nations sents their German POWs home in 1948 while the Soviets kept their POWs till 1956.

Background History

Main EventsI.Patty meets Anton.2.Anton runs to Patty for help.3.Father whips Patty for not following his rules.4.Anton runs away.5.Patty gets caught for helping Anton.

Climax: Anton gets caught.Cliff Hanger: What will happen to Anton?

SettingWhere: Jenkinsville, ArkansasWhen: Early I940's


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