Summer Field Experience

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Summer Field Experience

- Started in 1979- The organization started because the pastor of the church at the time, felt God showed him that the area needed an outreach for children. - Mission: "Share the love of Jesus with each child and help them develop socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually and academically. "- The organization serves the children in the surrounding area of Lantana and Hypoluxo. - Deomographics: 10% White, 45% Hispanic, 45% Hatian

Task 1: History

When: Summer 2014

Summer Field Experience

Name: ...Alex Camilleri .... Date: .....July, 15,2014...

Task 2: Multiple Perspectives


Title: First Baptist of Hypoluxo

Click here for Lesson Observation 1 & 2

Task 4: Evidence of Teaching

Artifacts from Observation

Task 3: Observations of student learning

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Interview with Parent

Click for child Interview

Click for Teacher Interview

The Overall Themes I hear were fun. The children loved the campAnd the parent enjoyed sending her child there. The teacher said it was to help the parents and children around the area, and thats exactlywhat I heard in each interview. They all seemed to be appreciative of the camp.

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