Summer English Language Camp

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Summer English Language Camp

Summer English Language Camp 2015

Our first day of work

Team building activities

Challenging but rewarding tasks

Much teamwork

Quest competition

COFFEE wall-newspaper

Funny Feedback

If you think that you can study English only at school or language courses, you are really mistaken.This summer was very unusual for me. I was not surprised to hear that I would go to the camp “Moloda Gvardiya” but I was puzzled to hear that we would have English Language camp there.You know, it was a great fun! We worked over the projects “Healthy Living” and “Young and Talented”. There were a lot of competitions, unexpectable activities like “Speed Dating” or “Round About”. We did not have to learn rules or something like this, we were just sitting in the open air, communicating, mixing, laughing and making various dialogues and projects.Few times a week we also went to the city in order to complete some tasks. We prepared excursion around Odessa in English and it was fun, when some foreigners joined us and asked further questions. And, nobody killed us for our mistakes though there were some.One of the funniest and tastiest task was to go to the café and order something in English. Most of the waiters were shocked and called their manager and only in one café we received polite English answer. It was really frustrating, because the entire city is full of English-speaking tourists!!!To be honest, before this summer camp, I thought that English is something distant. When I met so many foreigners in my own country I changed my opinion.I am very happy to have such practice and experience in my own country. It is great to be there with those pupils, with my teachers. In short: challenging but worth doing.


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