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The Sumerians wrote in a language called Cuneiform. It was mostly wedge-like markings imprinted into wet clay. The writing was not only used by the Sumerians, but also the Hittites. So, this writing evolved in different places in Mesopotamia.

Religion-the Sumerians believed in gods. They believed in a god called Enlil. Enlil handed down "me". Me was a set of rules for living. The Sumerians thought that they must serve their gods at all times. Sacrifices were even made to please them. To honor the gods they would build big worshiping temples called Ziggurats. They believed that the gods controlled natural disasters.

The secret of the Sumerians

Location- Mesopotamia would be where Iraq is now. At one time the land was marshes, but soon faded away to deserts. Land- When the sumerians would watch the rivers flood and make the land fertile, the flooding got out of hand. It occasionally would flood deep into the land, but the land became very fertile and would make crops flourish.

The land in Mesopotamia was very flat.There were also great mounds that split the flat land. They were called tels. There were many water sources, such as the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.Climate- In Mesopotamia it is very hot. Usually it is about 110 degrees F. It got a medium amount of rain each year.

Below is a picture of a Ziggurat.

Inventions- The Sumerians invented their own type of written language called Cuneiform. The language was mostly built out of wedge-like shapes that were put onto wet clay. They would bake the clay until the letters were permanantly stuck onto the clay. The Sumerians also made the frying pan. Although theirs were most likely NOT made out of cast iron, or metals, they could be made out of wood, or other things that could be found.

In conclusion I learned that the Sumerians were very intelligent. They built many things that are useful today. I also learned that they used what they had, and learned to live with it. They had to live without modern technology, which would have made things more difficult.



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