Sumerian Code of Law

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Sumerian Code of Law

Another Sumerian Code of Law was the code of Ur-Nammu. The code of Ur-Nammu isthe earliest legal system that is still surviving today. One of the key things about the law system is, instead of "an eye for an eye", it uses payment for physical damage, with a few exceptions.

The first Sumerian Code of law was the code of Urukagina. It was created around 2380 BC, and it was made to remove combat corruption. It is considered one of the first legal systems in written history. It limited the power of the leaders, making one of the first political reforms seeking for the people to be free and equal.

Sumerian Law

Tablet Inscribed with the Code of Ur-Nammu

Fragment of Inscription of Urukagina

Ziggurat at Ur

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