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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Sumerians developed many technologies that revolutionized society:-impressive architecture (ziggurats, arches)-metal work with bronze: tools and weapons-wheel, time, irrigation techniques

Complex Institutions

Worker Specialization

Record Keeping

Advanced Technology

Advanced Cities

Polytheistic (both gods and goddesses)-Nammu, Enlil, Enki, Inanna, Ki and etc.-Religion explained natural phenomenaGods made in humanlike imagine-this made God-Kings acceptableNo separation of church and state,but a FUSIONGovernment= monarchyTemple was home to government and religion

37 cities in regionCity-statesEach city is dedicated to a patron god/godessLarge populations-30,000 peopleOrganized by social hierarchyCenters for:-trade, government, religion

Made symbols to represent material goods/accountsPictographs led to cuneiformCuneiform represents objects not soundsImpressed cuneiform into clay tabletsAs institutions became more complex so did writingDeveloped need for scribesExample: Gilgamesh

Ag Rev led to more career paths and free timemerchants, farmers, artisans (bakers, smiths, weavers, potters), soldiers, preists, royalty (Kings), shamans/doctors

Lasting Contributions

Sumerians left many contributions for humanitySuch as:-wheel, written language, sexagesimal system, and more!


The Sumerians were attacked and conquered by the Akkadians cerca 2330 B.C.E.

3500 B.C.E- Growth of cities (Sumer origins)3200 B.C.E- Evidence: pictographic record keeping2800 B.C.E- Gilgamesh ruled as king2600 B.C.E- Royal Tombs of Ur2500 B.C.E- First written accounts of war2400 B.C.E- Pictographs become cuneiform2300 B.C.E- Sargon unites Sumerian cities2330 B.C.E- Sargon and Akkadians conquer



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