Sumatran Rainforest

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Sumatran Rainforest

Sumatran RainforestsSumatran Rainforest is a beautiful place. It has many different species of plants and animals, but the Sumatran Rainforest is disapearing because of the rapid rate of deforestation. The Sumatran Rainforest could be gone is 20 years timeThe Sumatran Rainforest is located in Indosesia. The size of the Sumatran Ranforest is 25,00 kilometres squared.The climate of the Sumatran Rainforest ranges from 20-28 degrees celcius.The fauna of the Sumatran Rainforest includes the Sumatran Tiger, Orangutans, Sumatran rhinoceros, White-winged Wood Duck etc. The Flora includes the Nepenthes gracilis, Rafflesia arnoldii and the Amorphophallus titanum is also one of the many flora found in the sumatran rainforest.

This is a map of Sumatra

Video about the Sumatran rainforest

True Fact

True Fact

The Sumatran Rainforests

50% of Sumatran Rainforest is Gone. 70% of What’s Left is Earmarked for Destruction

The palm oil plantation and paper mill isn't helping anyone but the corporations

One of the biggest benefits not only humans, but all living organisms, gain from the Sumatran ecosystem are the natural environmental services it provides. Like any forest on the planet, tropical rainforests play a huge and important role in regulating "global biogeochemical cycles like those for carbon and nitrogen."

Many of these plants have been used traditionally for many purposes such as medicine, aromatic, foods, colouring agent, insecticides, etc



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