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Suma's story

Educating Girls

"Removing barriers of early marraige, gender based violence, domestic slavery and sex trafficking means not only a better life for girls, but a safer, healthier and more prosperous world for all."

When girls are educated, communities thrive and economies grow. Yet 62 million girls are missing from classrooms worldwide, and tremendous opportunities are lost.


Suma's Story

Why ?

1. There are 33 million fewer girls than boys in primary school.2. 14 million girls under 18 will be married this year (13 girls in the last 30 seconds)3. The #1 cause of death for girls 15-19 is childbirth.4. A girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more as an adult.


Your Task: Write a letter to Suma telling her how she has inspired you. Include 2 facts from her story.

Join the Girl Rising community and become a champion for girls’ education. Use your voice and talent to help us create meaningful change: spread the message, raise funds, and rally your community to advocate for policies supporting girls' education. Now is the time.Educate Girls, Change the

Watch Suma's Story from Nepal


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