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Sulphur's Reactivity and Stability-Why?-Sulphur is extremely reactive so it can be combined with other elements and materials to form new substances. - Since Sulphur is quite soft, it is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. - Sulphur is a non-metal and will not dissolve in water. -Sulphur is not that stable in fact many people have done various experiments in order to increase Sulphur's stability. -Some of Sulphur's compunds are actually chemically stable.- Quite Flammable.

How Common Is It?- It is quite common. - In fact, it ranks 16th in the most abundant element in Earth's crust.

Common Uses and Benefits:-Used in skin treatments. -Used to manufacture other sulfur compunds. -Helps in the production of rubber, matches, dyes, and gunpowder. -When combined with certain mineral fillers becomes a special glue for metals. Benefits include: helps your skin look better, glues metals together.

Harmful Effects: Sulphur in its pure form is not toxic. But different Sulphur componds are. - Some can have health effects on humans. Sulphur can also be found in the air in different forms. Sulphur dioxide can cause acid rain.

Sulphur: Atomic Number: 16Color: YellowNo Taste or SmellMelts at 119 degrees C

Compunds from Sulphur exist everywhere. For example, the smell of a skunk, onions, garlic, and the smell of rotten eggs are from a compund of sulphur.



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