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Chemical Elements

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Sulfur: Periodic Table of videos

Reaction of iron with sulfur

HistorySulfur has existed since ancient times. There is no known date or country of discovery and no single person is credited with its discovery. In 1777, Antoine Lavoisier is said to have convinced the scientific community that sulfur should be an element

Sulfur is mentioned in the Bible but it is called brimstone. Brimstone means "burning stone."

Element Classification: Non-metalDensity=>2.067 grams per cubic centemeterMelting point=>239.38 degrees Fahrenheit Boiling Point=>832.28 degrees FahrenheitAtomic weight=>32.065

Chemical Properties

The appearance of sulfur is yellow, brittle, solid, and, in its purest form, odorless

Physical Properties

UsesGunpowderVulcanization of rubberFertilizerPaperBleaching AgentsDisinfectantsEpsom saltsLaxatives

Facts1.Sulfur has medicinal uses like skin care, cancer treatment, and nutritional supplements.2. Scientists have found a way to turn wasted sulfur into plastic.3. A 150 pound human has 140 grams of sulfur in his or her body.

Sulfur is the 10th most abundant element in the universe!

Sulfur is used in matches.

When sulfur is in its molten form, it is red-orange in color.

Sulfur is used in fireworks!


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