Sulfur Dioxide

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Sulfur Dioxide

Sulfur Dioxide, or SO2: How we are making it, and what we can do to stop

What is SO2?

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) is an air pollutant of the sulfur oxide family. It is created by the combustion of oil or coal containing sulfur as fuel. It is generally generated through the use of power plants and factories utilizing oil or coal to generate power. The only reason coal is utilized is because of low cost, labeling other sources of energy as unattractive. This usage is so extreme that we literally generate TONS of SO2 on a daily basis!

It's a gas, how bad is it?

Sulfur dioxide is in fact terribly dangerous. When the pollutant has dissipated and has become part of clouds, it can produce what we call sulfuric acid, a derivative of sulfur dioxide which is extremely harmful to the environment. Even in the short term, contact with sulfur dioxide can cause respiratory problems, but long term contact can cause asthma and other breathing problems.

The Culprit(Video)

The gov't have made many plans towards reducing these emisisons one such initiative is the Acid Rain Program, which allows coal burning companies to buy a permit based on how much coal they burn. This lets the gov't put a tighter constraints on these companies and monitors their data on emissions.

Oh god! What do we do?

The Cycle of Acid Rain (Video)

Can I help somehow?

There are various ways one can help reduce emissions. A strong example of this would to pressure the gov't to put tighter control on air pollution as a whole through the use of legislature, or one can support companies that provide products or services that are made in factories that use non-traditional forms of fuel. You can also use appliances and products that are energy-saving, both industrially and domestically. Essentially, one can purchase energy efficient lightbulbs, appliances, conciously spending, pressuring governments, protesting and much more.

Thanks to the Acid Rain Program, expected emissions in the future are as estimated in the picture below!

CAS#: 7446-09-5


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