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Chemical Elements

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sulfer symbol: S atomic number:16atomic mass:32.07

Sulfer is yellow its a solid at room temperture. Sulfer is a non metal. It can be found in the Oxygen group number 16.


Sulphur is found in meteorites, volcanoes, hot springs it is commmonly recovered in sand domes on the gulf cost of the US.

sulfer in solid form

Bohr diagram of sulfer

in 1777 Antoine Lavoisier was the person who convinced the scientific community that sulfer is a element


sulfer is used alot in the indistrial companies. sulfer is the most important manufactured chemical in the world.

in the US sulfure is about $50 per 100 grams

interesting facts!!!sulfure makes about %3 of earth mass

sulfure can only be found in sand domes which mean that you have to mind to get sulfur


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