Suleiman The Magnificent

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Suleiman The Magnificent


Known as Suleiman the Magnificent or also known as Suleiman the Lawgiver. Ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1520-1566 from Istanbul. He gained his throne after his father, Selim I, died to anthrax. He managed to maintain his powerful position worth the help of his large starting army from when he took his fathers throne, one which he quickly expanded through the devshire system gaining him new troops from other conquered people. He also in addition to his large starting army had a regiment of 30,000 janissaries which were loyal to him alone. In his time he also heavily improved his naval capacity. However in order to remain on his throne and avoid being betrayed he had his own son strangled to avoid betryal

*Established a lasting law code.*Conqered throughout the middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe.*Established a Golden Age in the Ottoman Empire.

Lasting Impact



Suleiman bin Selim Khan



Ottoman Sultan

Suleiman lead the Ottoman Empire into a Golden Age and made laws and regulations that lasted to the empire's end.However, it was by his example that other sultans would kill their ablest son to prolong their rule, which caused a weak line.

Had three consorts and nine children.Gülfem Hatun, Mahidevran Sultan, and Haseki Hürrem Sultan.Had one kid with Gülfem.Had two kids woth Mahidevran.Had six kids with Haseki.

Haseki Hürrem Sultan


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