[2015] annie willardson: Sula

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[2015] annie willardson: Sula

Hannah-She is a beautiful young lady wihth long black Hair. In the begginging of the book Hannah acts as a frightened young girl. For emample, Hannah says," Mamma, did you eveer love us?"(67) Thoughout the book she grows to be a confident independent women. Hannah is mosly associated with Cecil ( grandmother), Eva (Mom), and Sula (sister). Eva- In this book Eva comes off as a rather bitter women who has been struck by slavery. She is rather mean to her children and the people around her. For example, Eva says,"...I set in that house five days with you, Pearl, Plum, and three beets, you snaked-eyed ungrateful hussy." (69) Throughout the book Eva eventually begins to change and see the good in the world.

This book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. Sula shows you the brutal lives of the slaves though the 1900's. Sula shows you the risks and dangers the blacks had to face. Sula is powerful, uplifting, and pretty great storie. I would deffinently recommend reading this book if you want to know more about the black culture.Rating: 7/10

SulaBy: Toni Morrison



World connection

This stroy would connect to us today because everyone in some piont in time gets things taken away from them. Many of the black had there dreams, dignity, and the person they were taken away from them. For example, Hannah says,"Plum! Plum! He's Burning, Mamma! We can't even open the door! Mamma!" (48). Her Eva is getting her child taken away from her by the fire and hate of the white people. 6 words descriptionHated just because of skin color.

settingSula takes place In the 1900's from about 1920-1970 in Medallion, Ohio. Medallion is segnificant because is was once a all black community before the whites came in to make golf courses for rich white people. For example, the nararator says,"... The white people lived on the rich valley floor in that little river town in ohio, and the blacks populated the hills above it..." (5) This storys also took place during the historical event of World War 2.

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