Suki's Kimono

by ElizabethCoomer
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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Suki's Kimono

Instructions1. Read as you follow along with the audio pgs. 148 and 149. Vocabulary Strategy. Do the Write part on pg. 149. 2.Watch the video named Defining Enery.(Green TV bellow) Watch the LZ video LZ1923. Complete the worksheets for this video. 3.Watch the video for the ReadWorks lesson (brown tv- group 3)4.Read the story Suki's Kimono in your reading 150 - 163 5. Write sentences with 10 of your spelling words.6. Read the level reader assigned.7. Read pgs. 166 to 169 Clothes Bringing Cultures together Write a description of Suki's Kimono. (you could use this information for your seatwork as well).8.Complete the seatwork assigment.9. Take your test on Pearson Friday.

click on the read aloud video to the right of this lesson