Suicide prevention and Information

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Suicide prevention and Information

What is Suicide?

Suicide is the choice of one to take one's own life on purpose.Today, Suicide effects 12.7 in 1,000 people, although that doesnt seem like much, it is one of the leading causes of death today, being the second highest killer for people between age 15 and 24.

As one of life's biggest killers, care for those that are suicidal is always what's needed. Getting the them help they need to be happier in life and live it.There are serveral places to look here in Spain for help.* Fleet and family support center at (82)727-3232 or (34)956-82-3232/3231* School Counselours at 956 82 4181/4183 or (34)956-82-4181/4183*Hospital Behavioral Health at 727-3408 (on-base) or 956-82-3408 (off-base).* Base Chaplain at Chaplain’s Office (work hours) 956-82-2161 orChaplains Office (after hours) 639-101-864

Rember that you are never alone and that anyone, even a stranger on the street, would help you get the help you need. Everyone has a place and life to live in this world and they deserve to live to see the rest of it. Even you do.

You will always have someone there for you, when things get tough, and things get sad, friends and help will come to those who ask for it.YOU ARE IMPORTANT



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