Sugarcane to Sugar

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Sugarcane to Sugar



2015 technology

1900 cane cutters

1890's transport

Current tansport

2. Shreddersugarcane is crushed by large rollers and shredders

3. Extractorjuice is extracted from the shredded sugarcane

From Juice to Crystals: How Sugar is Made

4. Clarifier the sugarcane juice is washed and clarified to remove any impurities

5. Boilerjuice is concentrated into syrup by boiling off excess water

6. Refineryraw sugar crystals are placed in a vacum pan and boiled until crystals form

1.Planting & Growing

Seedlings to Supermarket: Sugarcane on the Land

1.Sugar Millafter the sugar cane pieces are taken to the mill the process of extracting the sugarcane juice to be made into sugar crystals begins.

By-products of Sugarcane






Bagasse is the fibrous residue of the cane stalk left after crushing and extraction of the juice. It consists of fibres, water and relatively small quantities of soluble solids - mostly sugar. Bagasse is used for the generation of steam and power required to operate the sugar factory. Bagasse can also be used to make high quality paper and particle board.

Sugarcane ethanol has emerged as an important ingredient to substitute for petroleum in the production of plastic. Bioplastics are renewable and have a low carbon footprint,

Sugarcane ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel produced by the fermentation of sugarcane juice and molasses. Because it is a clean, affordable and low-carbon biofuel, sugarcane ethanol has emerged as a leading renewable fuel for the transportation sector

Molasses is the final effluent obtained in the preparation of sugar by repeated crystallization. A very large number of products can be derived from molasses. The main products of molasses fermentation that are of economic importance on an international scale are rum, ethyl alcohol, acetic acid, butanol/acetone, citric acid, yeast and monosodium glutamate.

Waste water which results from the production of ethanol by the fermentation. Jamacian rum often adds dunder to their rums.

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fabulous footage of 1800's cane farming



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