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•Grinding the cane to extract the juice;•Boiling the juice until the syrup thickens and crystallizes;•Spinning the crystals in a centrifuge to produce raw sugar;•Shipping the raw sugar to a refinery where it is•Washed and filtered to remove impurities and color; and•Crystallized, dried and packaged.

Cane juice

Glass sugar

Louisiana SugarcaneArticle

What is sugar?

Sugar cane has been an integral part of the south Louisiana economy and culture for more than 200 years. When Jesuit priests first brought sugar cane into south Louisiana in 1751, little did they know that the foundation was being laid for an industry that now contributes $2 billion to the Louisiana economy. Today, Louisiana sugar cane yields range from 30 to 50 tons per acre, with recoveries ranging from 180 to 240 pounds of sugar produced from each ton of cane.

Sugar, or sucrose, is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in every fruit and vegetable in the plant kingdom

How to make it

Brown sugar

The Influence of Sugar in Our lives Today


Glog by: Angel Bass

- Sugar contain NO Essential Nutrients and is Bad For Your Teeth-Sugar is High Fructose,which can overload your liver-Overloading the liver with Fructose can cause Non-Alchocholic Fatty liver Disease-Sugar can cause a stepping stone Towards metabolid syndrome and Diabetes



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