Sugar Gliders

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Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders

the sugar gliders adapt by producing a special scent, comming form there eyes, and ears. there is not much sugar gliders can do to survive but they do have some adapttations to survive. they also mark thre territory, they seldom fight but also fight among themselfs.

sugar gliders help the enviorment because if this species was extinct owls, snakes,lizards and cats would starve because sugar gliders are there food, and if they became extinct the whole food chain would be ruined.


How do sugar gliders help the enviorment

sugar gliders habitat is in the trees. sugar gliders are mostly active at night and only somtimes they touch the ground. sugar gliders nest in holes and they like to growth in trees.

sugar gliders live in the wild but they can also be pets. With the right training, sugar gliders will be attached to you. They love to hang off your shirts, and off your pockets. sugar gliders are respectful to there owners, and they are vary gentle. But they do not always understand punishments.

Human interactions


CLASSIFICATIONkingdom- animaliaphylum- chordataclass- mammaliainferaclass- marsupialiaorder- diprotodontiafamily- petauridaegenus- petaurusspecies- breviceps


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