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The Influence Of Sugar in Our Lives Today

10 Reasons Why Sugar Is Good 1.Sugar fills your blood and makes you hyper.2.Sugar goes well with half a grapefruit.3.Sugar is good to snort, other than the nose bleeds.4.Sugar is good in cookies.5.Sugar is good in coffee with a touch of creamer.6.Sugar on wheat cereal and milk is delicious.7.Sugar packets are awesome for leveling tables at small diners.8.Sugar spoonful's as a booster to wake up in the morning is better than energy drinks.9.Sugar without brushing your teeth makes the Dentist happy!10.Sugar on sugar on white sugary icing on top of a cupcake is good for breakfast.

1.Sugar can suppress your immune system.2.Sugar upsets the mineral relationships in the body.3.Sugar can cause juvenile delinquency in children.4.Sugar eaten during pregnancy and lactation can influence muscle force production in offspring, which can affect an individual’s ability to exercise.5.Sugar in soda, when consumed by children, results in the children drinking less milk.6.Sugar can elevate glucose and insulin responses and return them to fasting levels slower in oral contraceptive users.7.Sugar can increase reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can damage cells and tissues.8.Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, inability to concentrate and crankiness in children.9.Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides.10. Sugar reduces the body’s ability to defend against bacterial infection



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