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Social Studies

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Fast Facts - ...Climate:It is hot year round with average temperatures of 89°F (32°C) in July to 74°F (23°C) in December - ... Natural reasources:oil, gold, uranium, chromite, gypsum, mica, marble, and iron ore.


Education:modern education began in the 1970s. Primary education was started by the british after 1898. secondary education started in 1913

Population:35,482,233Languages:Sudanese ArabicReligions:96 percent of Sudanese are ' 4 percent are Christian, animist, or without religious affiliation

Little girl from Sudan

Great Mosque area, Khartoum, Sudan, Africa

Map of Sudan

Banks of Nile River at Kerma, Nubian village, Sudan, Africa

Diseases:Yellow fever, cholera, and malariaEconomy:the econony is based on agriculure.

Relative Location:south of Egypt,east of Chad,north of suth Sudan,west of EritreaPhysical features: libyan desert, red sea hills, nile river

Temple of Amon, Old Temple of Naga, The Kingdom of Meroe, Sudan, Africa

Commodities: Agriculture, forestry, and fishingLife expectancy:61 (male); 65 (female)

Sudanese refugees from the violence plagued Darfur region flee across an intermittent stream


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