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Increase Your Peace: Study with quieting musicSeize upon some peace. As you create study questions, flashcards of terms for formatting types of business letters, emails and memos, as you quiz yourself about the best time to email, best place to use letters, and the right spot for memos, remember that this about what matters in your life..

Mind over Matter

What is the power of your mind? See Amy Cuddy on how practicing open gestures will help you with confidence in Sstress?Vik will talk about the ways you can overcome prcrastination?Randy Pausch will use his love of Disney to convey how Dreams can help us through every stage of life.Alain de Botton Covers success not as money or power.

Success is about your state of mind.

Shawn Achor: Happiness

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Amy Cuddy: Power Positions

Randy Pausch on Dreams

Check out Vik on Procrastination

Success is more than money or might.A happy family, a satisfying job, faith, time to think and play. Whate is your idea of success?

Alain de Botton on Kinder, Gentler Idea of Success



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