Success in Physics

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Success in Physics

How the Brain Works....

Home Improvement....- Do NOT study in silience-Play music in the background (jazz or classical)-Break/chunk materials into small sections-Study in bursts (15-20 minutes at a time)

Music to my Brain..(“Our assumptions about learning are suspect, if not wrong. Having something going on in the study environment, like music, is better than nothing” (2014, p.60).-Music played while new concept is being taught-Music played during assessment review-Music played during assessments

Break it Up..(“Distributive learning or more commonly, the spacing effect. People learn at least as much, and retain it much longer, when they distribute—or “space” their study time than when they concentrate it” (2014, p.65). -Lessons will be taught in smaller pieces-Each piece will be taught in a shorter time frame

Classroom Practices...-Two new practices will be incorporated in the Physics classroom.1. The Incorporation of music (classical) to aid in retention of content covered2. Chunked lessons given in shorter time intervals

Mastering Physics *A new guide for successful retention and assessment taking in the Physics classroom.


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