Substance and Medication Induced Psychotic Disorder

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Substance and Medication Induced Psychotic Disorder

Stubstance and Medication Induced Psychotic Disorder



Why is Psychosis influenced by substance abuse?

What is Psychosis?

Psychosis is a mental disorder that impairs emotions and thinking. This illness is so severe that it the person begins to feel completely out of touch with reality.

EARLY STAGES:-depression-sleeping issues-difficulty concentrating-unusual thoughts-being reserved-anxiety

LATER STAGES:-depression-anxiety-hallucinations-suicidal thoughts-suicidal actions-delusions-erratic speech

The use of alcohol and illegal drugs triggers psyhosis. Also, in some situations so does genetics.

WHAT TYPES OF DRUGS INFLUENCE PSYCHOSIS:-Marijuana-Alcohol-Hallucinogens (LSD, PCP, Shrooms, etc.)-Cocaine & Amphetamines

Illegal drugs and alcohol affect the release of brain chemicals such as seratonin and dopamin. These chemicals regulate brain functions, and with them being impaired, it can lead to symptoms of psychosis. Long term use of abusing alcohol or drugs can will likely cause these symptoms.

Facts about Substance Abuse & Psychosis

-More than half of people who used cocaine for a long period of time face psychotic disorders.-Alcohol causes delusions and disorientation. Alcohol is also highly abused by people dealing with schizophrenia.-The high from hallucinogens actually mimic the symptoms of psychosis


-Medications called antipsychotics which reduce delusions & hallucinations-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: regularly talking to a therapist


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