Substance Abuse: Alcohol

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Substance Abuse: Alcohol

The average teenager or newly made adult, will and have admitted to drinking at some point in their life. Scientists who studied these people have shown that 70.7% of those people drank sometime in the past year, and over 56.4% have said that they drank in the last month. This shows the beginning of an addiction to the liquid, showing how much it makes people consume in such a small period of time. Although people say it’s fine, it’s actually not. Taking in large amounts of it turns into Binge drinking or heavy drinking. 24.6% of teens and adults have mentioned to reporters that they drank in the past year, while others told them that they drank in the last month. This number was 6.8%. Of course it depends on the person and their alcohol tolerance, which is low, normal, or high. Most people in those numbers are normal to heavy drinkers, while the smaller numbers are more of the new drinkers. (An estimated 73,000 adolescents (44,000 males and 29,000 females) received treatment for an alcohol problem in a specialized facility in 2013.8 -National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) My thinking about all this is that alcohol takes over a person’s mental state very quickly, mostly affecting those that are younger. Alcohol is different for everyone as I said before, but those that are lightweights, or, light drinkers can’t function very easily with all the alcohol in their bloodstreams. This affects them to be hungover more easily and to be addicted quicker to the substance rather than being immune or normal to it.

Substance abuse: Alcohol


There are many excuses or reasons for people to drink. Some are white lies that hide their true intentions and feelings. One is that “drinking helps me deal with my problems.” this is a tough one because it depends on what the person is suffering or dealing from. It can be depression, past mistakes that have come back, or any other thing. Another reason that’s used many times is, “I only drink because all my friends do.” This is a form of peer pressure, where your friends or family push you into doing something that you’ll eventually get addicted to or die from. That excuse is one of the most commonly heard one that doesn’t really get a straight answer, only that then the person walks away. People subject to peer pressure or any other activity have this answer for people who ask why they drink. I’ve asked someone’s who’s been drinking many times before why they do, they gave me that answer then didn’t talk again. Of course I was worried but I knew they wouldn’t give me the exact answer I wanted. Teens and adults use many excuses to keep drinking, they do, in my mind, feel shameful for drinking and want to stop but they can’t. Because alcohol has already taken over their minds. (And since alcohol makes the brain and memory go fuzzy, some people actually forget what's troubling them, at least for a night. But when the person wakes up, all the troubles are still there. Alcohol never, ever fixes what is wrong with somebody's life. In fact, it almost always makes things worse, because alcoholism is just one more problem to add to whatever else is going on. -PBS Kids)My thinking for this is that, since people make excuses for drinking they’re good at lying too. Since they don’t want anyone to figure out their drinking problem they have trained themselves to learn how to lie like a professional. All the pressure that’s put on the person is washed away with beer, they fear having shameful glances cast on them. They know their problem but don’t know how to handle it by themselves. Being afraid to ask for help is another excuse for why they can’t stop. There are many more excuses but some are too...well...insane and ill-minded that people actually believe them. They have no choice to.

Surprisingly, there are some ways alcohol can be good for you. Not just for disinfecting your wounds and helping to clean them. Scientists have shown that alcohol, moderately digested, can help reduce the risk of developing and dying from heart disease. Another disease it can help stop or prevent is ischemic stroke (when the arteries to your brain become narrowed or blocked, causing severely reduced blood flow). This isn’t relatively proven, but there have been some signs that the drink helps reduce risks of diabetes. Only those three examples are good things that can come out of drinking. There are no other solutions. (If you choose to drink alcohol, do so only in moderation. For healthy adults, that means up to one drink a day for women of all ages and men older than age 65, and up to two drinks a day for men age 65 and younger. -Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition and healthy eating) My thinking for this is, if alcohol only helps prevent or ‘cure’ three known diseases then why do you drink at all? Yes, there may be some good that comes out of it but what would possibly be the greatest thing about drinking? There’s literally nothing else that’s found about alcohol curing other detrimental health diseases. By these signs it shows that there isn’t really anything to be excited or happy about when drinking, it makes you tipsy and hurts your liver, which is the second most important organ in your body (the first being the heart of course).

Alcohol is dangerous to the human body. Alcohol poisoning is when a person, male or female, takes in a large amount of alcohol during a short period of time. Doctors and other hospital workers, also some researchers, have said that over 297,000 people have been admitted to the hospital due to accidents and injuries caused by alcohol. Another study has shown that under 34,000 people were admitted due to alcohol poisoning, the other 50,500 people had liver disease from so much alcohol. Even with all these people getting injuries, illnesses, and even dying doesn’t stop them from consuming the drink. Although they’ve been to the ER or hospital so many times they still do it, either to look cool or think they can handle all the alcohol. (Don't 'save up' your weekly allowance of alcohol units and drink them all at once. You should also avoid binge drinking (drinking more than three times the daily limit) because it's dangerous and puts you at risk of alcohol poisoning. -NHS choices Your health, your choice)My thinking is that those who get alcohol poisoning should learn a lesson. They got great advice to not drink so much but yet they still do and now suffer the consequences. It’s difficult to quit drinking I get that, but it’s still ridiculous how much a person can consume in a short period of time. Unless they’re immune to it or have a high alcohol tolerance, I see no reason for all of these people to end up in the ER because of a dare or a belief that they could drink that much. From all they learned and were warned about the danger, they may have been concerned or too drunk to care but they still should’ve been careful because now a special organ of theirs is ruined forever.

by: Madelyn Pelletier

Statistics show that over 35.1 percent of 15 year olds have drunk once in their lifetime. 15 year olds even drink, that is just sad. But it gets even worse with people, ranging from 12-20 have drank once in this past year, that’s 8.7 million people. Young people drink a lot as you could already tell. Which shouldn’t be a surprise by now. According to NSDUH, reports have come in about ages 12-20 experiencing and testing the limits of binge drinking. But with it, comes a cost, their own lives. Being reported to NSDUH, more than 4,358 people under the age of 21 die from homicides, suicides, car crashes, falls, burns, drowning, and many other horrible things. So many youths drink so early and so heavily that they start to engage in sexual assault and have brain developing problems. (According to the 2013 NSDUH, approximately 1.4 million people (about 3.7 percent) ages 12–20 engaged in heavy drinking (4.6 percent of males and 2.7 percent of females).- National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) My thinking about all this is why. 12. 12 year olds are drinking! That is completely awful! They’re so young, and they’re already getting assaulted and dying! Alcohol has killed so many people and yet, they still continue to drink...but my question is, does alcohol really solve their problems or make it worse? From what has been proven, it doesn’t. I’m really sad about how many people can’t even take three seconds and realize what they’re doing is killing them and the people around them. I just wish they could figure it out before it’s too late.

My shaking fingers rapped lightly on the table, dull blue eyes staring into my empty orbs. When was the last time I felt emotion? Two...maybe three decades..I don’t have the memory to figure it out, or the will as mine had been shot down by the one thing that killed me. Alcohol. I grimaced at the thought of how I began to waste my life, doing nothing, not being able to accomplish my dreams or goals...I was so innocent back then. I shouldn’t have gotten involved with those people...with that girl.“Be careful around her,” the calming voice of my raven haired friend whispered to me, her voice hushed as if she were walking alone in a mist forest. My bright gray-blue eyes flickered and twitched as I watched the new student carelessly laugh and kick her feet with anticipation for the ending school day. “Why? What’s the worst that can happen?” I murmured back, making sure my leg was touching her’s to show I was listening. Acorn eyes glared at me as Megan, my friend, grabbed my pale wrist tightly. “Are you deaf?” She hissed to me in a hushed tone.I shook my head sternly, glaring at her before I traveled back over to Alice, the new girl. “She seem interesting though..” I thought as a sly smirk came across my lips. That was the worst mistake...I ever made. Tears fill my eyes every time I think about it. As I got to know Alice my back was whipped with comments of hatred and laughter. I screamed in pain as my blood tears fell from my eyes. Bullies...they were everywhere...I couldn’t get away from them as they hurt, called, and abused me terribly. Thursday, I was only 13, I fell into a rushing stream with clawing rocks and striking branches. I screeched with fear and grasped the wet branch, my hands becoming scratched and bruised from it’s scratchy branches. I heard maniacal laughter from the haters. Tears rushed from my eyes as I desperately tried to climb my way out. But failing. “Should we help her?” A male bully asked as they laughed and shook their heads.“Please!” I screeched out as a plant wrapped around my foot. I saw their glances around before a venomous smirk crossed their faces.“We will...only if you drink this” A blacked haired female said, holding up a bottle of amber liquid.My eyes widened as I had no other choice. I reached out as they grabbed me and pulled me up. Shakily grasping the slicked ground a horrible tasting drink slammed down my throat. Wet and slimy, making me gag and dizzy.That was the start of my addiction. Everyday I needed to have alcohol, consume it, get it into my body anyway I could. I was shunned by my friends, I got kicked out of my home and hated by my family. It all leads to today, 19 years old with a horrible look. “I can’t deal with it anymore” I cried before I opened the window. I looked out as my tears fell onto the sidewalk. “I’m so sorry!” I called out. Hoping my cries reach everyone I love. From my 4th story building window...I jumped.“Madelyn! Madelyn wake up!” A rush of water hit my throat as I coughed and wheezed. Slowly, my eyes opened to find me being caressed by Megan. Shock consumed my face as I looked up at her, my hair slicked with water and covered with fresh plants, pebbles, and waterflowers.“Oh thank goodness you’re ok!” She cried, transparent tears visible in her dark eyes.You could tell I was confused but still horribly ill from the murky water that I accidentally swallowed while trying to escape the rushing tide. “W-what...what happened? Where’s Alice and the other kids?” I asked with a slight hack.“Being taken to prison, you’re lucky the river was near Franktown, or else I wouldn’t have come to save you” She sighed, with gratitude of me being ok.I shakily sat up, hunching my shoulders as my back cracked. Groaning, before realizing that I was finally free. Wavy hair covered my eyes before my feet ached as I jumped and leaped for joy. Happiness clouding my face. After the events of torture and hate had subsided and finally ended, I grew into a strong and careful woman. Grinning as my eyes shined with stars, bouncing my new neice on my knee. A purr came out of her throat before I hugged her tightly. I, well, know had a reason to live, all because I didn't fall victim to the bullies and sumbitted to their pain.


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